Saturday, February 23, 2008

Holy Randomness...

Melissa "tagged" me to do this...
Here are 7 random things that most people don't know about me...
1. I've only been on one real "date"- with someone that I wasn't in a long relationship with. The guy was really nice- a perfect gentleman, but he had NO personality! He agreed with everything I said and had no opinion of his own... BORING!
2. I recently signed up for an online dating service...
3. I think that white chocolate is one of the nastiest foods! Unless it is a white peppermint mocha from... guess where?
4. I think I might die of cancer... I have weird moles... I think they are cancerous...
5. One of my dreams is still to raise Siberian tigers... but now that I actually have the sense to realize what that might entail, that is a dream that I may be able to pass up.
6. I think that I could totally be the Next Food Network Star... how awesome would that be?!
7. I have many fears- just a few: the deep ocean, icebergs, forest fires, crossing the Bay Bridge, crossing the Coronado Bay Bridge, San Francisco in general, spiders...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Brown Bear Reading Session

"Brown Bear, brown bear, what do you see? I see a red bird looking at me..." Kyler loves this book. In fact, the title was one of his first words. He was sitting, quietly reading to himself under his breath, so I grabbed the camera. You may have to listen carefully...

"Mine take it home?"

This is what my son says to me, with the cutest little face ever, regarding a large dog we saw at the store today. Every boy should have a puppy, right?
Here are 5 things that I thought of that would make getting a puppy a good idea:
#1. Puppies are really adorable
#2. Kyler really loves to play with animals, so a puppy would be perfect!
#3. I really want to name a pet Terminator
#4. I really want a dog... and a house with a yard for it to run in... and enough money to feed it and spoil it...
#5. It would be so great for Kyler to grow up with a dog that was "his"

Top 5 reasons why it is SO not the right time for a dog right now:
#1. There is NO way that I could potty train anything else at this point in my life...
#2. I already have enough snot and drool on most of my clothes (thank goodness for TIDE)
#3. Terminator is not that great of a name- but it would be funny!
#4. I totally don't have enough time to take care of a dog
#5. Kyler doesn't really NEED a dog until he can help me, right?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Strongly Dislike Being Sick...

It must really suck to be kid and be sick. You feel like crap and all you want to do is cry. Oh wait, that sounds like me today. But see, as a kid, you have your mommy to hold you and make you food, and wipe your nose, and force the medicine down your throat- (I'm having a flashback of Melissa and I pinning Emma down in our arms, plugging her nose and sticking the dropper in her mouth...good times). Then you become the mommy and you get sick because, as we all know, kids are germ factories. Now, not only are you taking care a very sad little boy with pink-eye in both eyes, but your head is pounding, your ears are ringing, and your whole body aches. Not fun. I will be so happy when this pain goes away, and I am able to function somewhat normally again.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How did we get to this point in life? Sometimes I think that it really would be nice if God would just give us a sneek peek- just a little teaser. But then we would most definitely want more... I was taught that God has a plan for each and every one of His people- and I truly believe that- but seriously- sometimes a little insight would be so helpful. I suppose that is where faith comes into play. Faith, trust and hope. I always trusted that God had a plan for me and I always hoped it was a good one. Faith has always been in my heart, although that has been the toughest thing to hold on to over the years. I never thought that I would be a single mom- I never planned on having a son first (ha ha) and I never really knew that I could love anything as much as I love Kyler. I would willingly give my own life for him, but I can not imagine the heartbreak of giving him up to killers. The fact that God loves all of us enough that he sent His very own- and only- Son to be murdered, so that we might live is truly a mind-boggling thought. I wonder if Jesus ever "did the dishes" for His mom? Or if Mary ever truly understood the sacrifice that was to be made- until it was upon her?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

this is what i do...

this was last summer when the weather was still nice. kyler could play at the park for hours and hours if allowed. i've decided that playdates can be really fun, but most of the time they are just plain exhausting. it's supposed to be fun to go to the park with all your kid's little friends, but it really can be the most stressful part of the day. you have to make sure that your kid looks cute; he's happy and rested and fed; clean diaper or at least that he went potty before you leave; make sure you have snacks and drinks (enough for the other kid as well, so that no one feels left out because they didn't get rocket fruit snacks too)- and then finally, you get to the park and let the kids loose. suddenly, you're at a crossroads- do you let him play on the playground that is too big for him (where all of his little friends are playing), the swings that are scorching hot, or the sandbox that... well, we should all have our reservations about uncovered, public sandboxes. he wants to climb up the lilypad ladder, up the rope ladder, up the steps that are as tall as him- he'd climb up the slide if he wasn't wearing those ridiculously cute flip-flops. so you choose the ladder that is most easily accessible to you, the rescuer. you stand close by, (all the while keeping a watchful eye for those older kids that knock all the babies down without regard) and he steps up on the first step! and the next one, and the next one, until he is nearly to the platform! as you awkwardly bend your arms around metal poles to try and keep one hand on you child, here comes the blue power ranger, ultra-mega-force blaster gun blazing, pushing past you and your much younger little angel, jumps off of the lilypad ladder and, amidst a flurry of imaginary gunfire directed toward an unseen alien force, scampers off. by the time you done staring after the power ranger, your son has already finished climbing to the top of the play structure and is gearing up to go down the giant slide of terror. you panic slightly, knowing that if you run to the top to stop him, he will smile and scooch closer to the edge- but if you wait for him at the bottom, he might bonk his head or get scared. on the other hand, there is no way you butt will fit down that slide anyway, so you opt for the latter choice and dare to take your chances. you walk to the bottom of the slide and tell him to go- you'll catch him. he holds on, and with a slightly nervous look on his face (that is nothing compared to your pounding heart) he slides down, down, down into your arms, giggling all the way. no harm, no foul- just a very happy, yet very tired little man. you signal to the other mothers that you've had your fill, pack up your things and head to the car thinking, "that was fun! i can't wait until next tuesday!"

This day

sleep in
a vaccuum party
thank goodness for jungle book
unclutter the clutter
rearrange the living room (again)
deep clean the house
always take it easy
yogurt breakfast for kyler

Friday, February 8, 2008

things i love

fall leaves
road trips
my family
dark chocolate
the baldwins
chick flicks
my friends

My first blog ever!

well, today was another busy day...
get up, get ready, get kyler up and into the car, drop him off with nana, drive to starbucks, drive to sacramento, sit in a conference all day, drive home, go to the bank, go to the store, pick up kyler, make dinner, eat dinner, put kyler to sleep...and finally, sit down and just sit. i mean, who would have ever thought that just sitting was so nice? i am so excited about this weekend- i actually have monday off. is this what a blog is all about?