Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Mass Media!

Okay, so Kyler loves this show, "Rocket." Well, it's actually called "Little Einsteins," but we know it as "Rocket" down here in these parts. He watches this show every day (in my defense, it teaches him all about classical music, fine art, colors, counting and landmarks around the world). So, like every DVD, there are previews, right? Well, I never thought he paid much attention to the commercials before the show, just like I never noticed him paying attention to commercials when I'm watching TV. Tonight, I'm sitting with him and I hear him quietly singing along with the previews for a new movie coming out. The movie? "Enchanted Tales- Princess Stories." He's singing, "I'm more than a peacock princess, I am!" and "I promise! And a princess never breaks a promise!" Of course this is in two-year old language, but still, it was recognizable. Then he says, "We need a little perseverance!" Good right? As he sits down next to me on the couch, "Rocket" comes on the screen. He is very excited as he exclaims, "Going to Egypt? Hieroglyphics!" I can't help but laugh. He loves falling asleep to Rocket. He loves eating with Rocket. We have 5 DVDs, 1 audio CD for the car, and more Rocket clothes and toys than anyone even knew existed. He loves the characters- Leo can do anything, Quincy is "cool" and June is "pretty." (To quote Kyler). But no one holds a candle to his Annie. He has loved her from the moment he saw her, on a treasure hunting episode when he was 1 year old. He sings all of her songs with her and kisses the TV when she comes on. His first love is a cartoon character. (At least he has good taste- she's blonde...) Nothing will ever take him away from her image on the TV...unless of course it's a Red Lobster commercial...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

holy grown-up!!

my 2 year old looks like a 2nd grader! he loves the bath! i think that he would prefer to be a fish... tonight he got a fork stuck in his leg. yes, i said a fork. poor baby. he was messing around on the recliner (where he had insisted he eat his dinner) and i told him he needed to sit down so that he would not fall. so he promptly sat down- right on the fork that was sticking, prongs up, out of his bowl. he cried, "ow!" i went over and saw the thing sticking out of his thigh, yanked it out (probably not the best idea, as i'm thinking about it now) scooped him up and ran to the bathroom, expecting grey's anatomy style gushing action. on the way to the sink, kyler exclaimed, "that bad fork got me!" a few drops later, he said through tears, "i wanna take a bath." i obliged and he sat in the tub on his knees for a while until i noticed him testing the owie out in the warm water. he said, "oooh. big owie." he proceeded to lower himself into the water and i heard him say, "stop it, leg. it's bath time." so there you have it. baths trump punture wounds.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Been Looking Forward To This All Week...

Gordon Ramsay, I think that you are pretty amazing, but there is no way I could EVER be on your show!