Friday, May 23, 2008

holy grey's finale!!!

it is about freakin' time!!!!!

fashion sense?

yep! he's 2 and proud of it! he picks out his own clothes and shoes (need i remind you, it's almost june) and he found the hat in the bottomless pit i call my car. after we got back from the store, i told him that i needed to take a picture of his cool outfit, and he posed like this saying, "what's up?" below is a picture of his "cookie face." the baker gave him a free cookie and kyler said, "thank you, sir." gotta love it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Low, low, low, low

I told Larry that I should have written down all of the funny things that would have been great for this blog... I have of course forgotten most of them. Some things that will live on though are... Apple bottom jeans, Giselle, and Scramble. Taking Emma out to dinner. Cute Amish people. Tornado watch. Obama in town. Pisser. Isaac making stirfry. Emma making kabobs. And pudding. Sammy. Red. Juno. Dan in Real Life. Horseland. Missing luggage. Missing wallets. Missing rental car keys. Coffee. Spicy Top Ramen. And so much more...
For pics and such, go to I worked really hard on this album- I really love how it turned out! Check it out!